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Pet Positive CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil has numerous health benefits for your pets. Animal Endocannabinoid Systems (ECS) are similar to those of humans, therefore ReWild CBD products offer pets equal health advantages.


By interacting with CB2 receptors within the ECS, immune functions are boosted. The immune-boosting benefits of CBD can potentially help protect against bacterias and viruses, while reducing inflammation. 

Pain Relief

Our and our pet's bodies have naturally occurring enzymes that come in and destroy the anandamide (bliss molecule). However, CBD blocks those destructive enzymes, allowing anandamide to remain, which can lead to pain relief.

Arthritis and Joint Health

Canine arthritis and joint related issues, especially for certain breeds, can be alleviated with the use of CBD pet products. 

Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine conducted a study on the effects of cannabinoids for dogs suffering from joint pain, stiffness, and osteoarthritis. Over 80% of the dogs that received CBD oil displayed significant pain relief and increased mobility.

Nervous System Support

The CB1 receptors, predominantly centered in the brain, positively interact with cannabinoids, including CBD. This interaction can inhibit epilepsy, reduces pet anxiety, and modulates pets' nervous system.

This study found that CBD administration to dogs significantly reduced anxiety and pain. 

Seizures (Anticonvulsant)

CBD is well known for its anti-seizure properties. CBD targets receptors in the brain that are responsible for causing epileptic seizures.  

Heart Health

CBD Oils contain a natural ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. In addition to promoting healthy brain function, these fatty acids are beneficial to cats' and dogs' cardiovascular systems. CBD oil has proven to protect blood vessels from damage, reduce the severity of damage, and lower blood pressure.

CBD Dosing in Pets

Pets metabolize CBD more quickly than humans, therefore requiring more frequent dosing.

Start low. Go slow.

CBD comes in various forms for pets.

1 mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight is widely acknowledged as the recommended CBD serving size for animals. Please choose the proper concentrated CBD product for your pet.

If you have any concerns, please discuss with your veterinarian.

ReWild Hemp offers CBD treats, tinctures, and packets for adding to pet food for cats and dogs.

ReWild CBD products for cats and dogs.


Repair. Reinvigorate. ReWild.



Pharmacokinetics of CBD in dogs

CBD found to reduce frequency of dog seizures in Colorado State University study.

 An updated review of clinical data on CBD and its effects on animals

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