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ReWild - verb. To restore something to its natural or uncultivated state.

 About Us

David and Amanda DeBruin were married in 1999 and built their home in rural Wisconsin. Within the next 10 years, their life became a family of 4 children and a foster son. 

Living in the country, their family’s chosen lifestyle included an organic vegetable garden, a fruit orchard, a vineyard, free-range chickens, and pets.

They considered their lifestyle both organic and on the proper path toward health. 

Life was good, until it was complicated by health challenges. Suddenly, the course of their lives changed. 

Amanda began experiencing debilitating fatigue, various bouts of brain fog, body aches, joint and muscle inflammation, and constant neck pain. Doctors insisted that the symptoms were related to Amanda’s previous narcolepsy and hypothyroidism diagnosis. In actuality, Amanda discovered years later that her symptoms were the consequence of chronic Lyme disease.

Amanda tried a potent long term antibiotic to no avail.  This was not the route she wanted to take as a long term remedy.  

David and Amanda began intensive research into the natural and holistic approach, which led to the trial and error of various probiotics, colloidal silver, herbs, MMS, essential oils, garlic, enemas, infrared sauna, Migun bed, and a rife machine. Despite periods of improvement, the symptoms never completely vanished, unfortunately reappearing periodically in varying degrees.

The holistic approached helped, but not completely.

The DeBruin couple searched further, within the holistic realm. 

Coincidentally, at a local health store, a chance conversation led to CBD oil.

This began David and Amanda’s CBD journey.

Incorporating all of their obtained knowledge in the holistic approach, with the inclusion of CBD oil, Amanda’s symptom began slowly disappearing, without reoccurrence. Despite the continued success, and the fact that CBD oil is legal, both David and Amanda were hesitant to talk about CBD because of the prior stigma connected to the cannabis plant. 


Following countless conversations, with everyone finding personalized health improvement from CBD oil, David and Amanda decided that they wanted to educate the world on the powerful health benefits of naturally occurring CBD Oil.

Created with complete confidence . . .  ReWild Hemp 

ReWild Hemp’s Vision for the Future:

David and Amanda will continue offering quality ReWild products while keeping the public informed of the updated discoveries regarding the positive benefits of CBD oil.

The journey continues.

Research. Restore. ReWild.