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Decarboxylated Hemp Extract Blue Label
Decarboxylated Hemp Extract Blue Label Nutritional Facts
Decarboxylated Hemp Extract Blue Label
Hemp Extract Concentrate
Decarboxylated Hemp Extract Blue Label
Decarboxylated Hemp Extract Blue Label
Blue Label Nutritional Facts
Blue Label Nutritional Facts
Blue Label Syringes

Decarboxylated Hemp Extract Blue Label, 15%-18% CBD (150mg, 450mg, 1500mg CBD)

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Lab Results (COA)

Proprietary Hemp Extract

Blue Label Proprietary Hemp Extract contains only one ingredient: hemp extract.

The phytocannabinoid concentration is 15-18%, resulting in 150-180mg of CBD per gram.

Containing no additives, it truly is a pure extract.

Blue Label is decarboxylated (heated to a controlled temperature in order to activate the phytocannabinoids within the extract). This process converts the CBDa compound in the plant to CBD, resulting in an even greater CBD concentration.

Whole plant hemp contains a combination of cannabinoids and terpenoids. When combined, they work synergistically in what is called the "Entourage Effect". The terpenoids and cannabinoids' benefits are enhanced by the presence of the other, resulting in maximum benefits.

Available in 3 concentrations:

1 gram containing 150-180mg CBD (30 servings)
3 grams containing 450-540mg CBD (90 servings)
10 grams containing 1500-1800mg CBD (300 servings)

Suggested Use

The Blue Label Hemp Extract comes prepackaged inside an oral syringe. Dispense the oil onto your finger or a spoon and place under tongue for best absorption. Wait 1-2 minutes before swallowing.

Three Hemp Extract Versions

This proprietary hemp extract is available in 3 versions: the Gold Label, Blue Label and Green Label. Each product has a different extraction method and CBD concentration.

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