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Bluebird Botanicals Complete Hemp Oil Drops
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Bluebird Botanicals Complete Hemp Oil Drops
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Bluebird Botanicals Complete Hemp Oil Drops (250-500mg CBD)

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Lab Results (COA)

A Complete Blend of Phytocannabinoids

Bluebird Botanicals Complete Hemp Oil Drops - contains half decarboxylated (heated) CBD and half non-decarboxylated CBD. This produces a potent blend containing both CBD (heated cannabinoids) and CBDa (raw CBD). Steam distilled terpenes are then added to further maximize the "Entourage Effect" (multiple cannabinoids working synergistically to create a dynamic health effect). Together these 3 ingredients form a powerful blend.

CBD and . . . CBDa?

CBDa is naturally occurring in hemp. When raw hemp is extracted from the plant, it typically results in CBDa, also called cannabidiolic acid. This CBDa is then heated to a precise temperature in a controlled lab. This removes carbon dioxide and hydrogen and results in CBD, or cannabidiol. This heating (or decarboxylating) process can also occur in nature from exposure to heat and sun. The addition of CBDa in this product improves upon the impact of CBD.

Steam Distilled

Steam distillation (heat in the form of steam used to extract and break down plant matter in hemp) is useful in extracting terpenes, aldehydes and ketones. Most notably, these terpenes play an important role in how cannabinoids interact with the body, resulting in the "Entourage Effect."

The Complete blend offers 2 options:  250mg and 500mg.

Suggested Use

This product is intended for first time CBD users. Serving size is approximately 15 drops, containing a total of 4.2mg of CBD and CBDa per serving. 

Place the desired serving under tongue for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. This allows time for maximum absorption. 

The drops can be added to your favorite coffee or beverage.

Revitalize. Refresh. ReWild.


Full-spectrum hemp CBD extract (250+ mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce: 125 raw + 125 heated), Steam distilled hemp extract (hemp terpenes, flavonoids, aldehydes, ketones), Organic extra virgin olive oil