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CasaLuna Hemp Chocolate Bars
CasaLuna Hemp Chocolate Bar
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CasaLuna Hemp Chocolate Bar (60mg CBD each)

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Artisan Hemp Chocolate Bars

CasaLuna Artisan Hemp Chocolate Bars are crafted in small batches from bean to bar. With keen attention to detail, only quality bars are released for sale. 100% organic chocolate provides a delicious route to obtain the benefits of CBD. Each bar contains 60mg of CBD.

CasaLuna's kosher certified ingredients start out as cocoa trees that are grown upwards of 12 feet tall on family owned plots of land. With true dedication to the chocolate, the beans are first harvested after 3-4 years when the flowers appear on the cocoa trees. After a meticulous cleaning and roasting process, the cocoa is crushed to release the internal nib from the shells and blown through an air tunnel to remove any shell fragments, resulting in only the highest quality cocoa used in CasaLuna hemp chocolate bars.

Flavor Options

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate


Relax. Recharge. ReWild.


Milk Chocolate: Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Dry Whole Milk, Non-GMO Hemp-Rich CBD
Dark Chocolate: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Non GMO Hemp-Rich CBD