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Mary's Nutritionals Elite CBD Gel Pen
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Mary's Nutritionals Elite CBD Gel Pen Box

Mary's Nutritionals Elite CBD Gel Pen (100mg CBD)

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Lab Results (COA)

On-the-Go CBD 

Mary's Nutritionals Elite Gel Pen contains 100mg of CBD (2 mg per application) for the backpack, purse or luggage, when life is on the go.

Transdermal Application via Gel Pen

Transdermal application (applied to the skin) is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, thus benefiting the entire body. Comparatively, topical applications only affect the precise area that the product is applied.

Pure Source of CBD

Mary's Nutritionals use the whole-plant hemp extracts and combine the most beneficial therapeutic compounds in the plant, alongside the anti-inflammatory properties of naturally occurring CBD. 100% organically grown U.S. hemp plants and third party lab testing, assure quality hemp from a pure source. 

Suggested Use

For best results, apply to a clean, veinous, non-fatty area. We find the inner wrist, top of the foot or back of the knee work best. Twist the cap clockwise to unlock. Depress the end of the pen to dispense 2mg CBD to the desired area and gently massage.

Restore. Renew. ReWild.


Purified Water, PLOgel™, Elite Hemp Extract (100mg Cannabidiol Complex), Limonene, B-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene, Natural Fragrance